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TOPIC: Email

Q: I’m entering my email password, but it’s not working.

A: Due to HIPAA, email passwords expire every 90 days (unless you have manually changed it before the 90 days).

To create a new password…

  • Close Outlook (desktop application)

  • Open the Outlook Web App (aka webmail), which will launch your default web browser (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.) and take you to the webmail login page.

  • Enter your username (ex: afmc\jpublic) & correct current password, and you’ll be prompted to change it IF you are entering the correct current password. When you get the message saying you’ve successfully changed your password, you may close the browser.

  • Relaunch Outlook (desktop application). It should automatically recognize the new password and not prompt you again. If you are prompted again, enter the password you just created and check the “Remember my login credentials” checkbox.

Q: What if I don’t know my password?

A: Exceed Technologies hosts our email, so they will have to reset it. Contact them at 662-844-7373.