Houlka Clinic
106 Walker St.
Houlka, MS 38850
Hours of Operation:
M-Th: 7:45a - 4:45p
F: 7:45a - 12:30p
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Smithville Clinic
60021 Monroe Street
Smithville, MS 38870
Hours of Operation:
M, W, Th: 7:45a - 4:45p
Tu: 7:45a - 8:00p
F: 7:45a - 12:30p
Sa: 8:00a - 1:00p
Sunday: Closed

Smithville Clinic
In-house Pharmacy

(inside clinic)
662-651-4637 opt 5
Hours of Operation:
M-Th: 8:00a - 4:45p
F & Sa: 8:00a - 12:30p
Sunday: Closed

Tremont Clinic
12725 Hwy 23 North
Tremont, MS 38876
Hours of Operation:
Mon: 7:45a - 8:00p
Tue - Thu: 7:45a - 4:45p
Fri: 7:45a - 12:30p
Saturday & Sunday: closed

Tupelo Clinic
499 Gloster Creek Village Suite D1
Tupelo, MS 38801
Hours of Operation:
M-W: 7:45a - 4:45p
Th: 7:45a - 8:00p
Fri: 7:45a - 12:30p
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Access Family Dental Clinic
60024 Olive St
Smithville, MS 38870
Hours of Operation:
M-Th: 7:45a - 4:45p
F: 7:45a - 12:30p
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


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